Whip spiders (Amblypygi)

Amblypygi form a separate order of arachnids alongside the spiders, scorpions and others. They are harmless to humans. Amblypygids possess no silk glands or venomous fangs. They rarely bite if threatened, but can grab fingers with pedipalps, resulting in thorn-like puncture injury. They are found in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. Some species are subterranean; all are nocturnal. Amblypygids range from 3 to 23.6 inches (7.6 to 60 cm) in size according to legspan. The first pair of legs act as sensory organs and are not used for walking. The sensory legs are very thin and elongate, have numerous sensory receptors, and can extend several times the length of body. Typically, the animal holds one of these legs out in front of it as it moves, and uses the other to probe the terrain to the side. Amblypygids will consume any appropriately sized prey. Most of their diet likely consists of insects.

photo credits: pixeltoo, arachnoboards, melquisedek